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Request for a Greeting Letter

  1. The Mayor and City Council are pleased to issue welcome letters and program greetings for groups and organizations visiting the City of Williamsburg.
  2. The greater Williamsburg area is actually comprised of three separate jurisdictions (The City of Williamsburg, James City County, and upper York County), each governed by different local governments. All three share a common " Williamsburg " mailing address as designated by the postal service. Please consult the City's Street Listing to determine if your meeting/event/reunion will be held within the City of Williamsburg. To request a welcome letter for those occurring outside the city limits, please contact either James City County (757-253-6600) or York County (757-890-3300), as appropriate.
  3. To request a Greetings Letter, complete the requested information . Requests must include the event date, a brief overview of the event and contact information. Please also identify the printing deadline if the letter will be included in a program. Drafted words and phrases to be included in the Letter are welcome. The more detail provided, the more personalized the letter can be. Unless otherwise requested, the signed letter will be mailed to the address provided.
  4. For additional inquiries regarding a proclamation request, please email
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