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Citizen Advisory Committee

  1. Citizen Advisory Committee

    Membership and Selection

    1.    The CAC shall be comprised of civilians (non-sworn police personnel) who reside or own a business within the corporate city limits of Williamsburg, Virginia, and may include:

    a.    Residents of the City;

    b.    Members of the business community of the City, including both large and small businesses, including representatives of national chains/franchises, and local business organizations;

    c.    Members of the local media;

    d.    Local Community based social services organizations related to Child Protection, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services, and Interdenominational faith-based organizations, and Ethnic Relations Advisory Groups

    2.    Members are appointed from the applicant pool by the Chief of Police in consultation with the Mayor and City Manager.

    3.    Employees of the City of Williamsburg are not eligible to become members of the CAC.

    4.    Membership of the CAC shall not exceed 5 persons.

    5.    Members shall serve without compensation.

    6.    Members shall serve 2-year terms. Initial appointments to the CAC shall be divided between one and two-year terms and shall be staggered thereafter each year.

    7.    Members shall not hold any other public office or position on a board or commission offered by the City of Williamsburg while a member of the CAC.

    8.    CAC members shall complete an application specifying their interest in being appointed to the CAC.

    9.    Vacancies occasioned by removals, resignations or otherwise, shall be filled in like manner as original appointments.

    10.  Applications are kept on file for two years to fill vacancies that may arise.   

    11.    Members shall serve no more than two (2) successive full terms with further appointments occurring only after one (1) full year after the expiration of the second full term. If no qualified applicant is available, the Chief may appoint the individual for an additional term. 

    12.    Any member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings during any calendar year shall be deemed to have vacated his/her membership, creating a vacancy.

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  7. Time Commitment*

    The Citizen Advisory Committee requires a commitment of your time in preparing for and attending meetings.  We ask that you seriously consider this time commitment. If appointed, will you be available to attend a training program as well as regular meetings quarterly or as needed, and devote the time necessary to fulfill your duties as a member?

  8. Criminal Background Statement
  9. Please note due to the sensitive nature of some of the information concerning tactics and officer safety that may be reviewed by the CAC, individuals will have to successfully complete a criminal background check prior to appointment.

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