What should I know about the process once I arrive?

When you arrive at the Visitor Center parking lot, you will see signage that leads you to the entrance. Please stay in your car until 5 minutes before your appointment time. Staff will guide you through the process once you arrive in the building, including any questions you may have about the vaccine itself. After you receive the vaccine, there will be a 15-minute observation period to monitor for any adverse reactions.

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1. Where is the vaccination clinic?
2. Can I get a COVID-19 test at this site?
3. Is this site taking walk-ins?
4. Do I have to go to the clinic nearest me?
5. I have an appointment scheduled. How long will it take to receive a dose of the vaccine?
6. What safety protocols are in place at the clinic?
7. What should I know about the process once I arrive?
8. I would like to have a friend/family member who is not receiving the vaccine accompany me. Are they able to come inside?
9. Who is administering the vaccines?
10. Which manufacture of the vaccine does the clinic administer?