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Community Building Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Community Building Set-up Plan (DOC)


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Internet
  3. Kitchen
  4. Meeting Rooms
  5. Restrooms
  6. Tables and Chairs
  7. Wifi
The City of Williamsburg owns and manages the Community Building, which is available for use by governmental, civic, and community groups as well as the general public on a fee basis, with certain restrictions. The City’s programs and services have priority over other Community Building usage. Fees and charges for rental of the Community Building have been approved by the City Manager. User/rental fees offset tax supported funds to operate the building.

Reserving the Building

To avoid the loss and/or penalty of your deposit or cancellation of your event, please review the Community Building Policies and Procedures before making your reservation.

The Policies and Procedures will also answer many questions such as fees, tables/chairs, decoration restrictions, alcohol, insurance, etc.


Floor Plans

Use the following floor plan diagrams to let the staff know the setup you need.

  • Community Building Set-up Plan (DOC): Open using Microsoft Word to copy and paste tables and chairs onto the floor plan. Save the document with the name of the person who reserved the building and date of the event (ex. JohnSmith07-14-2010). Email file to Tom Leitch or print and fax to 757-220-6140.
  • Community Building Set-up Plan (DOC): Open using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print document, draw tables and chairs on floor plan and fax to staff. Fax complete plan to Tom Leitch at 757-220-6140.