Who reviews building plans?

Once a plan is submitted, the zoning administrator must review and approve the plan before the building official reviews the plan.  Once the building official approves the plan, a permit is issued if other requirements are met.  In addition to the building division review, many projects require review by Planning, Public Works an Utilities and the Fire Department.  Plan reviews ensure project can be built within code requirements which cut down on field inspection delays costing time and money.

Planning Division

The Planning Division will review all building permits for new work, additions, change of use, and remodeling. This department will check for compliance with the city zoning ordinance, review erosion and sedimentation control plans, ensure compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, Architectural Review Board, and review other state and local land-use laws.  Contact Planning at 757-220-6130.

Public Works & Utilities

The Public Works and Utilities Department reviews storm drainage, street, road, and utility construction. They also assist the Planning Department in evaluating environmental and traffic impacts. This department is responsible for inspections of utilities placed in any city right of way.  Contact Public Works at (757) 220-6140.

Fire Department

The Fire Department reviews plans with the building official for fire alarms, commercial kitchen range hoods, and sprinkler systems. The Fire Department does not issue building permits. Plans should be submitted to the Codes Compliance, who will forward them to the Fire Department for review.  Contact the Fire Department at 757-220- 6220 or 757-220-6226.

Architectural Review Board / Planning Commission

In certain areas of the city, approvals may be required from the Architectural Review Board. Certain projects may require approval by the Planning Commission and City Council before the building permit process begins. For information on required Planning Commission or the Architectural Review Board requirements, contact the Planning Department at 757-220-6130.

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