What should I do if the alarm sounds?

Never ignore an alarming Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm! It is warning you of a potentially deadly hazard.

If the alarm signal sounds do not try to find the source of the CO:

  1. Immediately move outside to fresh air.
  2. Call your emergency services, fire department, or 911.
  3. After calling 911, do a headcount to check that all persons are accounted for.
  4. Do not reenter the premises until the emergency services responders have given you permission. You could lose consciousness and die if you go into the home!
  5. If the source of the CO is determined to be a malfunctioning appliance, do not operate that appliance until it has been properly serviced by trained personnel.

Reactivating Alarm

If authorities allow you to return to your home, and your alarm reactivates within a 24 hour period, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 and call a qualified appliance technician to investigate for sources of CO from all fuel-burning equipment and appliances, and inspect for proper operation of this equipment. If problems are identified during this inspection, have the equipment serviced immediately.

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