Where should carbon monoxide detectors be installed?

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Placement in a HouseFollow the steps for proper installation:

  • At least one Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector alarm installation is required on every floor of the multi-story residence including the basement, and within 15 feet from a sleeping area.
  • While choosing Carbon Monoxide detector alarm locations, make sure that CO detector is not closer than 5’ from all fuel-burning appliances or near the cooking or bathing areas. This will prevent or at least minimize the possibility of false alarms.
  • Never place a Carbon Monoxide detector alarm in so-called "dead space" (same as for smoke alarms). Dead space is an area that projects 4? onto the wall and ceiling from the point they’re joint together. Dead space also applies to peaks of vaulted ceiling and gable roofs.
  • Do not place a Carbon Monoxide detector alarm close to the ceiling fan, air supply vents, and doors / windows opening to the exterior.
  • Do not obstruct Carbon Monoxide detector alarm with furniture or curtains.
  • Do not install the alarm in areas where the temperature is below 40°F (4.4° Celsius) or hotter than 100°F (37.8° Celsius).

If you have any questions or concerns about carbon monoxide detector placement, please call Fire Administration at 757-220-6220.

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