Human Services


401 Lafayette Street
City Municipal Building
Williamsburg, VA 23185



Link: Human Services Department Page

Monday through Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm

Closed Holidays

Name Title Email Phone
Evans, Wendy Director of Human Services   757-220-6169
Brower, Cedric Social Worker 757-220-6247
Brown, Kandace Care Team Case Manager 757-220-6161
Conley, Chris Life Coach 757-220-6259
Reynolds, Arianna Social Worker 757-259-3762
Gerardi, Roy Crisis Counselor 757-220-6161
Hall-Nate, Joni Job Developer 757-220-6161
Heflin, Lori CSA Coordinator 757-220-6161
Horak, Brittany Social Worker 757-220-6192
Johnson, Roshanda Eligibility Specialist 757-220-6198
Korrigan, Elsa Administrative Assistant 757-220-6160
McGuire, Abigail Social Worker 757-220-7869
Miller, Rachel Care Team Nurse 757-220-6196
Neblett, Kimblerlee Administrative Support Specialist 757-220-6161
Rasmussen, Theresa Eligibility Specialist 757-220-6162
Reider, Maureen Administrative Support Specialist 757-220-6161
Sears, Kendra Social Worker 757-220-6161
Sullivan, Marion Social Worker 757-259-3762
Taliaferro, Michelle Senior Eligibility Specialist 757-220-6160
Valentine, DeAnna Deputy Director of Human Services 757-220-6166