Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Graphic of Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Mission Statement

The City of Williamsburg’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) program provides collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and person-centered services to address the needs of our community that supports a healthier and safer Williamsburg.

What is MIH?

MIH is a partnership between the Fire Department, Human Services, and Law Enforcement that aims to serve the community and reach out to individuals who may need additional support or services. This program seeks to improve overall health, quality of life, and access to care/resources that are available in the community. 

What does the MIH team do?

Community members referred to MIH will be assessed by the team and linked to services and support to address their needs. The team will assess an individual’s physical health, functional abilities, psycho-social needs, natural supports, and living environment. The MIH team will monitor and evaluate progress throughout program participation. 

Benefits of MIH

  • Improved satisfaction and overall healthcare experiences
  • Chronic illness education and management 
  • Preventative care reducing utilization of hospital and emergency services
  • Coordination of care and community resources
  • Sustained independence and resilience
  • Reduced healthcare costs


Multi-Visit Patient (MVP) Program

Identification of the highest utilizers of EMS resources and conduction of an at-home risk assessment. MVPs will be linked with appropriate resources and periodic follow-ups. 

Community Education

Provision of general health and safety education that encourages involvement in personal care and independent living.

Coordination of Care and Resources 

Connection with applicable community resources and services that address the individual needs. 

Linking individuals with preventative healthcare in an out-of-hospital environment. 

Chronic Disease Management

The MIH program can help provide education and assist individuals with chronic diseases to learn to better manage their condition. 

Special Needs and Heads-up Registry

The MIH program can assist with completing a special needs or heads-up registry form that identifies high-risk members in the community. The registry is used in emergency situations, such as natural disasters where an individual may need assistance. First responders also receive information specific to medical conditions while responding to 911 calls for service. 


Any City of Williamsburg resident in need of additional support or services is eligible for services.

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