Station Project

In 2022, the new fire station project officially began with the demolition of the 1978 station. A new 31,000-square-foot fire station will take shape in the same location at 440 N. Boundary Street. Construction will take place over the next year with scheduled completion in the Fall of 2023. Groundbreaking of the site took place on Friday, April 22, 2022, and was attended by City officials, fire department personnel past and present, and members of the community. 

The new fire station will be cutting-edge and have many features including: 

  • State-of-the-art station alerting system
  • Individual Bunkrooms
  • An emphasis on firefighter health and safety
  • Cancer preventative measures
  • A museum 
  • Emergency Operations Center

The exterior design of the fire station was chosen through a collaborative process including public and personnel input, and approved by City Council. Interior layout, design, and other details were selected by station design committee members from the fire department. The new fire station is being built by David Nice Builders, who maintain cameras on site for progress updates. As the build progresses, check back for new updates and photographs. 

Photo of New Fire Station Design
Photo of Fire Station Demo
Photo of Fire Station Groundbreaking Ceremony
Fire station under construction
Fire Station Construction
New Fire Station