Recycling Collection

Golden Rules for Recycling Collection 

  • Residents must use their City provided recycling cart - gray with a tan lid. 
  • Your recycling cart must be placed at the curb before 7 am on your assigned collection day (Monday or Tuesday).  The contractor does not have a set schedule especially due to the weather, mechanical problems, scheduling, and new drivers. 
  • The cart lid must face the street and be placed five feet away from parked cars, utility poles and boxes, trees, and bushes. 
  • Recyclables can be mixed together in your cart. NO plastic bags. Items outside the cart will not be collected. 
  • Do not leave your cart at the curb after collection day. 

Front porch Recycling Collection Request

Residents and their household who are physically unable to place their recycling cart at the curb are required to fill out a Front Porch Recycling Collection Request (PDF).  Once reviewed,  the City will keep your address on file and submit your address to the contractor for front porch collection. We do ask that your recycling cart be located in view from the street and easily accessed for this service. Please return the form to the Public Works and Utilities Department at 401 Lafayette Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185 or by email at .   

Acceptable Items

  • Plastic Bottles and Jugs - Plastics with a neck, #1's and 2's. Water and drink bottles; shampoo, soap and detergent bottles.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars - All types and colors of glass bottles and jars. Remove plastic lids. Metal lids can be recycled.
  • Cardboard and Mixed Paper - Flattened boxes, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, catalogs, cards, stationary, paper grocery bags, computer paper, and single layer cardboard such as cereal and tissue boxes.
  • Metal Cans - Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans.


Not Accepted

Plastic Bags,  # 3-7 plastics such as clam shells or yogurt cups, greasy paper (pizza boxes), napkins, paper towels, tissues, milk cartons, juice boxes, twine, string, wire, ceramic dishes or ovenware, plate glass (window panes, mirrors), light bulbs, batteries, needles or medical waste, clothes hangers, pots and pans, paint or aerosol cans, diapers or personal care products, styrofoam (cups, plates or packing materials). 


Got cardboard? Call for a large cardboard pick up at (757) 220-6140.  Cardboard must be broken down and emptied of contents (packaging materials, styrofoam peanuts, packing paper) and neatly stacked in a pile at the curb by 7 am the day of your pickup appointment. 


Is It Recyclable?

Look up items on our WASTE WIZARD