Illicit Dumping into Storm Drains

Help us Protect our Rivers and Streams by Reporting Illicit Dumping into Storm Drains

ThCrab pice storm sewers and ditches in the City of Williamsburg drain directly to our creeks and waterways and do not go to a wastewater plant for treatment. Therefore, it is important to prevent the introduction of materials into these drains which could cause problems in the receiving streams.  It is a violation of City Ordinance and State Law to put anything other than stormwater into the storm drain system except for:

  • Water line flushing.
  • Landscape irrigation.
  • Diverting stream flows or rising groundwater. 
  • Public safety activities, including, but not limited to, law enforcement and fire suppression.
  • Pumping of uncontaminated groundwater from potable water sources, foundation drains, irrigation waters, springs, or water from crawl spaces or footing drains.
  • Lawn watering and maintenance with lawn chemicals in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Individual car washing on residential properties.
  • Street washing.
  • Uncontaminated condensate water.
  • Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges.


Examples of Prohibited Discharges to Storm Drains and Streams: 

  • Automotive fluids including oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze.
  • Waste oils and grease.
  • Commercial cleaning solvents such as carpet cleaning, power washing etc.
  • Paints and associated products, like thinners, chemicals, etc.
  • Car washing solutions (except as noted above).
  • Solids of any kind including leaves and yard debris.

Report Illicit Dumping!

If you have witnessed illicit dumping into a storm drain to the City sewers or streams please report it.

Report it online by clicking here.

Report it by email:

Report it by phone: call Public Works Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM (757) 220-6140.

For after-hours: call the Police at (757) 220-2331.

For more information watch this presentation:

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