Citizen Advisory Committee

Citizen Advisory Committee

The goal of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is to provide a forum for police-community interaction to address public safety and related issues in order to further enhance the quality of life in our community. In doing so, the CAC is intended to reinforce our elected values and provide the highest quality service to our citizens.

The CAC reviews and addresses items that would potentially reinvigorate the relationship between the residents of our community and the Williamsburg Police Department. The Police Chief and WPD staff recognizes the importance of individual dignity, mutual respect, trust, procedural justice, community safety, and quality of life as components of positive citizenry and police interactions. The ability to better encourage citizen and police participation in committee activities provides a forum for discussion of increased trust and relationship building.

The CAC also strives to promote partnerships between community organizations, businesses, and the WPD. These partnerships serve as a catalyst for organizational changes within the Department and supporting the community policing model of law enforcement in the City of Williamsburg. The CAC shall make recommendations for the purpose of improving police practices, improving police community relations, promoting openness between the police and public, and increasing public awareness about the role of the police. The CAC shall make other recommendations that, in the opinion of the committee, will improve police services and promote 21st-century policing practices.

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Committee Members

Malika Blume
Committee Chair

John Morgan
Committee Vice Chair

Charles Gates

Shannon Woloszynowski