Disc Golf Course

Waller Mill Park is home to an 18-hole Disc Golf course. Disc Golf is played in much the same fashion as traditional golf but uses thrown discs instead of a struck ball. The sport, which was first played in the 1970s, shares a similar goal with traditional golf of completing a hole in the fewest number of strokes (or in this case, throws!). Players will have a choice of two tee pads at each hole from which to throw their discs along the fairway towards the metal basket.

Disc Golf Rates

  • Daily Pass: $2.00
  • Annual Pass: $37.00/pp (good for 1 year from date of purchase & includes vehicle entrance)
  • Disc Rental: $1/per disc, per day
  • Vehicle entrance fee: $2.00

Disc Golf Instructions

The object of the game is to play the entire course in the fewest number of throws of a disc.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day all baskets will be in the short A locations.

  • There are three basic types of discs available, putters for short range, mid-range, and distance drivers.
  • Do not throw until other park visitors are safely out of range.
  • Begin playing each hole by teeing off from the tee pad and release your throw with both feet behind the flags at the front of the pad.
  • All other throws are made from the front edge of where your disc comes to rest.
  • Players in groups throw one at a time.  The player whose disc is farthest from the basket throws next.
  • To complete the hole, the disc must come to rest in the basket or chains.

Disc Golf Rules You Should Know

  • A play may not break, bend or hold back any part of a tree or vegetation in order to make room for their throwing motion or their path to the basket.  The rules require you to make the “least invasive” stance behind your disc.
  • Littering (including cigarette butts) is a courtesy violation and a 1-stroke penalty.
  • For more details on disc golf, refer to Professional Disc Golf Association at pdga.com

Disc Golf Park Rules

  • Use the paths where possible to reduce erosion.
  • No glass containers or alcohol in the park areas.
  • Clean up after your pet and keep them leashed.
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles on trails or in park areas.
  • Be courteous to other park visitors.
  • Disc Golf Course closes 15 minutes prior to the park closing.

Course Notes

  • The disc golf course is through the woods.  Please be sure to bring a drink and use bug spray.
  • 9 hole course for beginner players.  Shorter holes, less walking and easier terrain for the family players.
  • 18 hole for more advanced players.

Hole Sponsorships

Hole sponsorships are a great way to reach out to the disc golf community, including many visitors from out-of-town. Sponsorships are available for $150/year for the first year, and $100/year for each following year. Hole sponsors will have a logo of their choice displayed on the tee sign of the hole they are sponsoring for the full period of their sponsorship. For more information, contact Waller Mill Park at (757) 259-3778 or click here.

 Waller Mill Park Disc Golf Hole Sponsor