Purchasing System

The City's purchasing system operates under the direction and supervision of the City Manager. The Purchasing Agent acts as the City's principal public purchasing official and is responsible for the purchase of goods, services, insurance and construction, except where such authority has been assigned or delegated to other persons. The Purchasing Agent is also responsible for the management and disposal of excess, obsolete and salvageable materials and equipment.

The City purchasing system embodies the principles of empowerment, continuous improvement and efficiency by delegating specified purchasing responsibilities to department heads.


The goals of the purchasing system are to:

  1. Emphasize quality, value, and integrity in all procurements
  2. Delegate purchasing authority when possible and prudent
  3. Exercise positive fiscal control over public expenditures
  4. Promote administrative efficiency
  5. Comply with the Virginia Public Procurement Act

Member Affiliations

Visits, Telephone Calls & Appointments

Vendors are strongly encouraged to arrange appointments with the Purchasing Agent. You may contact the office at 757-220-6181 (voice), 757-259-8057 (fax), or email Purchasing Agent, Travis Dill directly.