Short-Term Rentals / Airbnb

Short-Term Rentals can be defined in many fashions but most share the common trait of being rental stays of less than 30 days in duration. Today companies such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and more offer online platforms to connect travelers with short-term rentals outside of the traditional hotel concept.

Rental Policy

Highlights of the City's short-term rental policy is as follows:

  • Short-term rental requires the Board of Zoning Appeals to approve a special exception request.
  • Rentals are limited to owner-occupied single-family detached dwellings, and the owner must be physically present at the property during any rental period
  • Only one room in the principal dwelling may be rented
  • No more than two transient visitors shall occupy a room at the same time, excluding minor children of the transient occupants unless otherwise reduced by the USBC and other applicable laws and regulations
  • No visible evidence of the conduct of a short-term rental is allowed on the outside of the property
  • The owner must keep a register of short-term rentals for a period of two years, and such register is subject to inspection upon written request by the Zoning Administrator -  The names and addresses of all transient visitors occupying the property and the dates rented must be maintained in the register
  • Rentals are limited to not more than 104 nights per calendar year, and no other rentals are allowed on the property
  • The same transient visitor cannot occupy for a period of more than 30 days during any calendar year
  • Event rentals are not permitted
  • The furnishing of meals is not permitted
  • Outdoor burning shall comply with Chapter 5 of the Williamsburg City Code


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