Vision & Goals

Williamsburg 2040 Envision Our Future-Logo-PNG-01Vision for the City's Future

During the 2020 State of City address, Mayor Douglas Pons unveiled a new vision statement for City of Williamsburg —  a change for the first time in nearly 30 years. This new statement will help us work toward what we envision for the Williamsburg of 2040.

"One Williamsburg that is courageously leading, innovating a modern city, prioritizing safety and wellness, engaging with our partners, while connecting with the world."


We have broken down our vision into six goal areas to guide the city's elected, career, and volunteer team: 
  1. One Williamsburg

    A welcoming city where all people who live, work, and visit have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, religion, or gender identity. The culture of our city will promote a variety of housing and employment options that welcome a diversity of backgrounds and opinions.

  2. Courageously Leading

    A commitment to leadership that is willing to embrace change with compassion, innovation, and aspiration to serve and engage the community. Our creativity, professionalism, and ability to deliver results will be recognized as a national governance model.

  3. Innovating a Modern City

    The equitable enhancement and protection of our entire city's natural beauty by respecting our past and building our tomorrow. Our modern city will include attractive streetscapes, diverse housing and employment options, inviting public spaces, appropriately located infill redevelopment, and modern connectivity — all to position our city so it can attract the next big opportunity.

  4. Prioritizing Safety and Wellness

    Targeted services that support, improve, and sustain individual health and community safety. Our city will proactively address public safety and social health by daring to be creative in our practices as we address homelessness and racial equity, as well as pursue a robust parks and recreation system that reimagines the use of green space.

  5. Engaging with Our Partners

    Collaborations that re-energize and reimagine relationships with our partners that result in mutual success. The city will leverage our position in the middle of the evolving Hampton Roads/Richmond Mega Region, establish future priorities with William & Mary and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and explore other partnership opportunities. The city will maximize strategic partnerships with James City and York counties, as well as expand our partner base to reinforce our national prominence and top-tier brand.

  6. Connecting with the World

    Leverage our strategic location on the Interstate 64 corridor to our economic advantage by expanding technology and infrastructure and ensuring the daily mobility of our residents and visitors.

2023/2024 Biennial Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes

City Council adopted the 2023-2024 Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes document on Nov. 10, 2022. This document outlines the strategic initiatives for each goal area, offering a work plan for City staff over the next two years.

To follow City staff's progress on this work, keep an eye on our performance dashboard.

State of the City 2022

City Council presented the ninth biennial State of the City address in a pretaped video that premiered at an in-person event at the Stryker Center and online on Dec. 8, 2022.