Testing Materials

Testing Materials

The test for Tour Guides is a multi-part multiple-choice test. It will test the following knowledge areas:

  • General Colonial History including major events in Revolutionary history from the Stamp Act through the Treaty of Paris. This will include the major people, events, and issues of that period. Questions will be taken from Edmunds Morgan's book: The Birth of the Republic.
  • Specific Colonial Williamsburg History includes the 20th-Century Restoration History. This will include questions about the major buildings, trades, and people who lived and worked in eighteenth-century Williamsburg. This will also test the role that Williamsburg plays in Virginia and the events leading up to the Revolution. Questions for this portion of the test will be taken from The Official Colonial Williamsburg Guidebook.
  • General Tour Mechanics of leading groups in Colonial Williamsburg. Questions for this section of the test are from Colonial Williamsburg's General Tour Mechanics Handout (also available from the Williamsburg Police Department).
  • Public Safety Issues: Questions from this part of the test will be taken from Public Safety Information for Licensed Tour Guides materials provided by the City of Williamsburg Police Department.

Materials for Test Preparation

Materials to prepare for this test are:

  1. Professional Services Bureau

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    Emergency Phone: 911

    TDD: (757) 890-3621