Mission Statement

The Office of Treasurer's mission is to serve you by delivering an efficient, courteous, confidential, and equitable revenue system. My goal is to ensure that your rights are protected in all collections procedures so that you may have the highest confidence in the integrity' of my system. You will be treated with dignity and respect by my employees. You will receive prompt, courteous, and accurate response to questions and requests for assistance and information. When you make a written request for information, you may rely on a written reply.

History of the Treasurer

In 1869, the Constitution of Virginia established the Office of Treasurer in each of the counties, cities, and towns. The Treasurer is an elected official, directly responsible to the citizens of the locality for the receipt and collection of revenue, the safekeeping of revenue, and the appropriate account for the disbursement of revenue.

The Treasurer is also responsible for the collection of State funds under the Code of Virginia. The Treasurer is first and foremost a servant of the people, to provide an efficient and courteous service to the citizens of that locality. The Treasurer serves a four-year term at the will of the voters.

Tax Collections Process


When you receive a tax bill, and you have no reason to dispute it, the least costly solution to you is to pay the bill in full on or before the stated payment date.

Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your bill in a timely manner, you should contact us as soon as possible. In most cases, we will accept payment in monthly installments.

Not all payment plans are approved. Payment plans may not be approved if:

  • You have had a previous payment plan that was not paid promptly; or
  • The amount due is not suitable for a payment plan.

If accepted, the payment agreement will stay in effect, and no other collection action will be taken, except for debt set-off transactions, if you do the following:

  • Pay each installment by the due date (allow for mailing and processing time);
  • Stay current with any tax filing requirements and make timely payment of any other tax obligations not covered in the payment plan;
  • Provide us with correct, complete, and current financial information when requested.

Payment Plan Cancellations

If payments are late, or if you do not stay current on your tax obligations, we will cancel the payment plan and take other actions to collect the amount due.