Company Inspections

As part of its dedication to the prevention of fire and injuries, the Williamsburg Fire Department works with the community through a company inspection program. Each year Williamsburg Firefighters inspect commercial and multi-family occupancies for fire and life safety hazards. Hazards found by fire personnel are noted and reviewed with the occupant or building management.

Any areas of concern are documented and reviewed with the Fire Prevention Office who will in turn give the occupant approximately 30 days to correct the problem. When corrections have not been completed as prescribed, the Fire Marshal may enforce these by way of a citation.

Inspection Components

An inspection includes the following:

  • Update and review of vital information
  • Review of compliance with Fire Code
  • Review of building layout by fire personnel for pre-incident information and training
  • Review of building fire protections systems for pre-incident information and training
  • Review of site hazards, access, and evacuation routes

Additional Information

For further information about the inspection program and process, contact Fire Administration at 757-220-6220.

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