Connecting with the World

Leverage our strategic location on the Interstate 64 corridor to our economic advantage by expanding technology and infrastructure and ensuring the daily mobility of our residents and visitors.

15-Minute City

Require Williamsburg Area Transit Authority to convert the Colonial Williamsburg shuttle route into a combined urban core route that connects the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center, Historic Area, and Transit Center with the Monticello commercial corridor, including pharmacies, grocery stores, and general shopping areas, using a 15-minute frequency and electric bus infrastructure.

Birthplace of America Trail

Create connections to the future Birthplace of America Trail within the City to include completing the design of and obtaining funding for Phase 2 of the College Woods Circuit, as well as finding ways to use the Carter's Grove Country Road as the multiuse trail's exit toward Fort Monroe.

Bus Stop Improvements

Inventory the bus stops in the city; identify the needed improvements to provide each stop with a defined standard level of service, including a shelter and trash can; and improve 70% of stops to the new standard of service.

Bus Technology

Create a joint committee with Williamsburg Area Transit Authority to benchmark best-in-class route, arrival, and real-time bus tracking technology and to design and implement the new platform.

Internet Connectivity

Support the continued expansion of broadband providers to improve pricing, availability, and speed while seeking an appropriate solution to provide internet connectivity as a next-generation public utility.

Mega Region

Establish a position for Williamsburg with the RVA757 Connects Board of Directors in full support of the mega region concept and the success of the Board's vision to "improve the economic success and quality of life for everyone in the RVA and 757 regions."