Prioritizing Safety and Wellness

Targeted services that support, improve, and sustain individual health and community safety. Our city will proactively address public safety and social health by daring to be creative in our practices as we address homelessness and racial equity, as well as pursue a robust parks and recreation system that reimagines the use of green space.

Employee Wellness Program

Expand the City's employee wellness program to incentivize preventive health measures, provide robust mental health support, and offer rewards for employee well-being.

Enhance Existing Park Facilities

Begin the implementation phase of the comprehensive enhancements plan for the City's Parks & Recreation facilities to boost visitation by constructing public restrooms at Quarterpath Park and installing industrial dog agility equipment at Waller Mill Dog Park.

Food Truck Policy

Evaluate the existing food truck policies to streamline the inspection process while continuing to safeguard the public interest.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Deploy and augment state opioid settlement funds as needed to implement Marcus Alert and One Mind protocols while seeking next-generation community support programs.

Parks & Recreation ADA Improvements

Continue to implement changes at public parks and facilities to improve access and use in compliance with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA), including path and walkway improvements for spectators and participants at Kiwanis and Quarterpath parks.

Public Restrooms

Identify locations for new public restrooms and construct two new public restroom sites.