Innovating a Modern City

The equitable enhancement and protection of our entire city's natural beauty by respecting our past and building our tomorrow. Our modern city will include attractive streetscapes, diverse housing and employment options, inviting public spaces, appropriately located infill redevelopment, and modern connectivity — all to position our city so it can attract the next big opportunity.

Capitol Landing Road

Complete utility relocation, install new water main, and begin roadway improvements for the Capitol Landing Road Corridor and intersection of Capitol Landing and Bypass roads.

For more information on this project, visit the Capitol Landing Road Corridor Improvements webpage.

City Square Plan

Develop a master plan for the continued redevelopment of City Square; demolish and relocate the police station and Public Works Yard; identify and secure additional office space for the growth of core services in the Municipal Building; and initiate construction of a 21st-century library in City Square.

Downtown Vibrancy

Complete a final evaluation of the 2018 Downtown Vibrancy Study, identify remaining implementation steps, and make recommendations to City Council.

Outdoor Dining

Convert the successful temporary outdoor dining program to a permanent solution that provides necessary flexibility for restaurants and improves the aesthetics and function of the outdoor dining areas on Prince George Street.

Public Art

Direct the Williamsburg Public Art Council to pursue a downtown fountain feature to serve as an anchor for a children's park and to complete the plan for a lantern art piece to designate gateway entrances to the City.

Research Village

Identify and secure an appropriate site for a mixed-use development that includes a technology focus with research and development, housing, and light commercial spaces.

Signature Event

Find the best partner to design and launch a signature event that builds on the existing City brand as a world-class destination.

Year-Round Events

Attract regional visitation by partnering with the best possible vendor to provide year-round events that are diverse, exciting, and add to the quality of life for residents and businesses.