One Williamsburg

A welcoming city where all people who live, work, and visit have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, religion, or gender identity. The culture of our city will promote a variety of housing and employment options that welcome a diversity of backgrounds and opinions.

African American Heritage Trail

Convene members of the Descendant Community and other City residents to advise on the content for the African American Heritage Trail; begin construction of Phase 1; and obtain funding for the remaining phases.


  • Public input sessions held in March 2023; online form remains open for continued public input.
  • African American Heritage Trail Advisory Committee convened in June 2023, will meet periodically. 
  • A Request for Quotes seeking an experienced research contractor to develop the trail's narrative and site details posted on Oct. 27. The bid closes on Nov. 30.

For more information on this project, visit the African American Heritage Trail webpage.

CDBG Rehabilitation Grants

Pursue the award of CDBG funding for residential improvements in neighborhoods, such as Highland Park, Wales, and Crispus Attucks, to enable aging in place and to preserve affordable housing.

Direct Loan Program

Identify a lending partner to help the City establish a direct loan program that would assist income-qualified homeowners or homebuyers with home improvements and preservation projects in an effort to make housing more affordable.

Hotel-to-Affordable Housing Conversion

Consider a revised and improved hotel-to-affordable housing conversion policy that may further convert underperforming hotel properties to restricted affordable housing.

Housing Navigation

Evaluate the addition of a housing coordinator position to better identify and secure housing options that serve as emergency, transitional, and affordable housing for residents in need.

Middle Housing

Consider necessary zoning amendments to enable the appropriate allowance for affordable accessory units and the possibility of additional low-impact density to create entry- to middle-level housing opportunities in the expensive Williamsburg market.

Truth & Reconciliation Committee Projects

Finish the Truth & Reconciliation Committee Report and pursue two recommendations that can be accomplished in the immediate term.


  • The Truth & Reconciliation Committee presented its final report to City Council on Thursday, July 13, 2023.
  • City Council and City staff are now reviewing the report to determine which recommendations to pursue in the immediate term.

For more information on this project, visit the Truth & Reconciliation Committee webpage.